Pig Iron Pixel Polishers are clean room vacuum sealed sensor cleaning swabs for use on the imaging sensors of today's high resolution digital cameras

Designed in the United Kingdom, these swabs are guaranteed 100% safe for use on all types of imaging sensor including the latest CMOS sensors that have no anti-aliasing filter.


• Consult your camera user guide on how to expose the sensor for cleaning.

• Blow away any loose dirt, grit and debris using a suitable rubber blower.

• DO NOT blow using your mouth and DO NOT use compressed air.

• Dispense several drops of PIXEL ANGEL onto a clean Pixel Polisher sensor swab.

• With one side of the swab, drag it firmly across the sensor surface in one direction.

• Using the opposite side of the swab, drag it firmly across the sensor in the SAME direction.

• Allow any remaining fluid to evaporate naturally.

• If the sensor needs to be cleaned again, repeat the process using a new Pixel Polisher swab.

Manufactured from a softer grade of synthetic fibre than most other swabs, the Pixel Polishers are kinder to your sensor and hold onto dust and oil particles better.

Each pack of Pixel Polishers contains 10 individually vacuum sealed single use swabs. Full instructions for use are included.

Available in two sizes: 24mm for Full Frame cameras and 16mm for APS-C crop (DX) sensor cameras

These swabs are designed to be used with a premium sensor cleaning fluid. We recommend using Pig Iron PIXEL ANGEL sensor cleaning fluid for best results.