MAX Strap


Introducing the Pig Iron MAX Strap – the ultimate choice for discerning photographers and those regularly toting substantial camera gear. Engineered with our cutting-edge weight reduction system, this strap transforms the heaviest loads into an experience that feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable.

Crafted with an ergonomic curve, the MAX Strap is meticulously designed to evenly distribute weight, effectively curbing neck and shoulder fatigue. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an avid enthusiast, our strap offers the perfect blend of flexibility to absorb shocks during movement and sturdy support to eliminate bounce.

Versatility is key with the MAX Strap. Wear it around your neck, over your shoulder, or sling it across your body based on your preferences and the equipment you're carrying. Equipped with industry-standard 3/8" webbing connectors, it seamlessly integrates with most camera attachment points for hassle-free use.

Say goodbye to discomfort during prolonged shoots. The Pig Iron MAX Strap is the optimal solution for carrying larger cameras and lenses with unparalleled comfort, ensuring you can focus on capturing the perfect shot over extended periods. Elevate your photography experience with the MAX Strap – where comfort meets functionality.

- Luxuriously comfortable neoprene neck strap designed for heavier cameras.

- Ergonomically curved neoprene pad expertly distributes weight, ensuring relief from neck and shoulder fatigue.

- Enjoy unwavering stability with our advanced non-slip backing, keeping the strap securely in place.

- The quick disconnect system instantly gets your strap out of the way when using a tripod or other camera support system.

- Effortless attachment to your camera, making it a breeze to gear up for your next shoot.

Recommended Max Load: Up to 7kg (15 lbs)

Carry Style: Neck, Shoulder, Across Body

Connection Type: 3/8" (1cm) Webbing

Strap Length: Fully adjustable: 60cm–127cm (23.5"-50.0")                 

Pad Dimensions: 6cm x 35cm (2.4" x 14")     

Quick Disconnects: Yes

Materials: Neoprene pad with non-slip backing, nylon webbing and faux-leather tabs