Each grease pot contains 15g (0.5oz) of premium blended synthetic grease and comes with a grease applicator brush.

The Pig Iron range of camera service greases are perfect for use on all cameras and lenses. Due to their high performance and safe synthetic blends, our greases are now used in camera service and repair centres around the world. Available in a wide range of viscosities to suit a variety of applications.

Our greases are ideal for:

- Lens helicoids

- Zoom sliders

- Lens mount mechanisms

- Rotational controls (aperture adjustment rings etc)

- Film transport components

Available in the following grades:

Grade 10: Ideal for lens helicoids where minimum damping and fast focus action is required.

Grade 30: Ideal for lens helicoids where slightly more damping is required (Nikon AI lenses for example)

Grade 40: Ideal for zoom sliders and lens helicoids requiring firmer damping.

Grade 250: Ideal for lenses and components requiring significant damping

Grade 500: Ideal for rotational controls such as aperture rings etc.

Grade 1500: Ideal for rotational controls requiring more damping.

Grade 3000: Ideal for maximum damping, macro sliders etc.

Key features

- Premium blended synthetic lubricant

- Safe for use on plastic and rubber

- Water resistant (will not wash out)

- Prevents corrosion

- Used by camera service centres

- Supplied with a grease applicator brush