FILM CLEAR is safe for use on the following types of photographic films and emulsions:

• C41 colour film

• Standard black and white film

• E6 reversal (slide) film

• Kodachrome film

• Black and white photographic glass plates

FILM CLEAR is a non-staining fluid that has been specifically designed for use on photographic films and emulsions. The special formula contains a blend of natural hydrocarbon solvents that safely clean most types of photographic film including glass plates. FILM CLEAR does not cause swelling or tackiness of the emulsion and dries very quickly without leaving residue.

FILM CLEAR can be used to remove fingerprints, grease, adhesive tape residue, mildue, soot and most types of permanent ink. Unlike some other film cleaning products, FILM CLEAR can safely be used on both sides of the film (the gelatin side and the emulsion coated side).

If using on other types of film, please test the suitability on a small unimportant area first.

Directions for use:

Use a few drops of FILM CLEAR on a clean cotton bud or lint-free cloth to gently clear away the stain. Use light pressure only. DO NOT REPEAT. Excessive use may case haziness to appear.

Please note that FILM CLEAR cannot remove old fungus related marks. Fungus grows into the gelatin of the film base and cannot be removed with cleaning agents.

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