QR-3P PANORAMIC release unit

  1. The QR-3P attaches to any tripod, either by its Arca-Swiss base or by the integrated 3/8" female threaded socket. A 1/4" thread adapter is also included. Once installed, your tripod will be able to accept any Arca-Swiss plate or bracket from multiple manufacturers.

  2. The Pig Iron QR-3P has silky smooth fluid rotation, precise degree markings and lockable rotation making it perfect for panoramic photography.

  3. The included Arca plate will attach to any type of camera.

  4. The QR-3P can handle loads of up to 8kg, meaning it can support the heaviest professional camera systems with ease.

  5. Premium anodized alloy construction

  6. Anti-slide camera plate (to prevent expensive accidents!)

  7. Two built in spirit levels

  8. Weight: 149g

  9. Size (including release knob): 87mm x 50mm x 24mm

  10. Plate size: 50mm x 37mm x 9mm

  11. 5 year warranty and no fancy packaging!


Universal fit for any tripod

for all cameras