For decades photographers had two choices when buying accessories for their cameras:

  1. 1.Value, or

  2. 2.Quality

Pig Iron are the first company to offer a third option:

  1. 3.Value AND Quality

How do we do it?

Our products are designed to be functional, strong, long lasting, reliable and simple. Maximum performance, minimum fuss. Simplicity of design reduces manufacturing costs. We don’t supply our products in fancy packaging just for it to be thrown in the trash and we don’t spend 1000s on marketing. We believe Pig Iron products do their own marketing. After all, how did you find this website?

Our authorized dealers offer no quibble returns within 14 days of purchase and you don’t need to fill in forms to validate the comprehensive warranty.

Pig Iron - Use Your Head!


We are pig iron - we use our heads

The new Pig Iron Black Pro Mist filters.

Bring professionalism to your low light cinematography and photography.