The Pig Iron range of camera light seal foam sheets are used in camera service centres in a variety of camera repair scenarios. Our light seal foam sheets have self-adhesive backing for easy application and come in four different thicknesses (1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm).

Our light seal foam is anti-reflective and moisture resistant, making it ideal for high performance applications.

Our light seal foam sheets are ideal for:

  1. -General light sealing

  2. -Film door baffles

  3. -Mirror bumpers

  4. -Mirror boxes

  5. -Film cassette windows

Available in the following thicknesses:

  1. -1.0mm

  2. -1.5mm

  3. -2.0mm

  4. -3.0mm

Each sheet measures 100 x 200mm (4 x 8 inches)

Key features

  1. -Premium polyurethane foam sheet

  2. -Self-adhesive backing

  3. -Safe for use on metal, plastic and rubber

  4. -Water resistant

  5. -Anti-reflective

  6. -Used by camera service centres

premium quality, non-premium price