Part of our Cinema Line of premium filters, the Black Pro Mist filter is essential for videography and photography where highlight and contrast control is a priority.

Particularly useful in dimly lit environments, our Black Pro Mist filters can make the difference between good and GREAT footage!

  1. - Reduce and soften contrast.

  2. - Balance tonal range between highlight and shadow.

  3. - Beautify human skin. Soften pores, wrinkles etc.

  4. - Unlike traditional soft focus filters, Black Pro Mist filters maintain much more detail.

  5. - Multicoated glass

  6. - Maximum light transmission

  7. - Waterproof

  8. - Scratch resistant

  9. - Low profile anodized frame

Ideal for interior scenes involving candles, bulbs and window light. Also great for controlling contrast outdoors.

The Pig Iron Black Pro Mist filters give your photography the edge over the competition.

premium quality, non-premium price